Grayboe Eagle Riflestock – New for 2023

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All of us here at Varminter Magazine cannot say enough good things about the product and people from Grayboe Stocks.  We have been using their stocks in various custom builds, as well as a stock swap in a 1990s era Model 700.  The Ridgeback and Phoenix are two of our favorites and have been perfect compliments for our 6mm Creedmoor, 6BR, .17/.223 and .220 Swift rifles.  Great fit and comfortable to shoot, their affordable stocks are must haves for folks looking to finish up their custom builds, or upgrade their current factory rifle stock. 

I received an email from Ryan McMillan just after the first of the year letting me know that they had a new stock hitting the market just after the 2023 SHOT Show and would we like to check it out at the show.  I jumped at the chance and the Varminter Crew met him at SHOT, checked it out and ran some video with Ryan giving the full rundown of their new stock, the EAGLE!

The EAGLE Stock Dimensions:



The EAGLE Stock Features:

  • Adjustable Length of Pull
  • 60 Percent Aggressive Hybrid Grip
  • #5 QD Mounts for Quick Detach Sling Loops
  • M5 Detachable Box Magazine Compatible
  • Universal Inlet
  • Adjustable Cheek Rest

The EAGLE Stock Highlights:














We want everyone to be able to afford high-quality firearms gear. The type of gear required to go on a life-changing hunt or participate in a shooting match. We accomplish this goal by relentlessly improving our foundational processes and investing in our people. These efforts propel the innovation that keeps our products at the cutting edge while driving our costs down. We also strive to be a lighthouse for American values and traditions. We believe that the more people who know the benefits of firearm ownership, the more secure our future will be, and we use Grayboe as a vehicle to accomplish that mission. – Ryan McMillan

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