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Columbian Ground Squirrel at 85 yards with the Savage Model 25 in #17Hornet. I'm using the Hornady factory ammo with the 20 grain VMax. Up in the Sawtooth here in Idaho! ...

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Rockchuck vs. a 110 grain @NoslerInc Varmageddon projectile out of the Savage Arms Magpul Hunter in .308 Winchester. Yes, you can use your larger caliber rifles to hunt varmints. Just choose the correct projectile!

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@ARHunterJake used this @SavageArms 110 Predator in .22-250 to pop this rockchuck at 300 yards with factory Hornady 55 grain Varmint Express ammo.
Look at that sky!

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Our latest article/video has been published. This is on the @Howa_USA M1100 #17HMR rimfire rifle. Check out the link in our bio for the direct link to the video and article.

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Yum... Who's coming over for dinner? @Meateater ? 🤭

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Another larger caliber cartridge we use for #VarmintHunting is the #65Creedmoor . Love it, or hate it, when loaded with the 95 grain Hornady VMax, it's a great varmint round! Here are a couple of Rockchucks taken with an AR10 chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor.

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Satellite image of ground squirrel damage on the farm we took 100+ off the other day. This is just one small area! #groundsquirrelhunting

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So, you've got a .308 Winchester rifle sitting in your safe and you've probably asked yourself if you can use it for varmint hunting. First off, of course you can! Secondly, get your hands on some 110 Nosler Varmageddon projectiles (make sure your twist rate is correct), or ammo and you will see how well they perform on varmints of all sizes! Btw, we've got video!! 🤯
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We met up with the folks @WileyX while at Shot Show early this year! After the show we received a few different models of their eyewear and we've been using them ever since. David's been using the Omega in the Kryptec Neptune frame with the Captivate Polarized Green Mirror lenses. He said that after wearing the same eyewear frame for almost 15 years, he's sticking with WileyX now. I have the Breach model and they are lined with a foam liner to keep dust, etc, out, which is perfect for my needs. They have a lot of different frames available, with many of them offering prescription lens options. We'll have more on these soon!

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It was one of those afternoons when three hours of almost non-stop shooting nets 100+ ground squirrels removed with a Howa M1100 #17HMR (not all were collected and photographed). We have a few more areas to hit on this farm, so expect more piles!

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Another Belding's Ground Squirrel with the Savage Arms Model 25 in .17 Hornet. This spot is like something out of a varmint hunter’s dream!

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We have been up in the mountains of Idaho hunting rockchucks with the @LarueTactical #Siete bolt-action centerfire rifle. This rifle has an interchangeable barrel system that takes about 3 minutes to change. We swapped from the .243 Winchester barrel to the .22-250 Remington barrel, then checked zero and the first shot after the switch was a bullseye! We then went out and shot more rockchucks out to 458 yards! More to come on this very cool rifle set-up!

@vortexoptics - Razor Gen II Riflescope
@laruetactical - TranQuilo Suppressor
@accutac - Bipod

#243Win #243 #22250 #22250Rem #varminthunting #rockchuckhunting #groundsquirrelhunting

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We are going rock check hunting little update on what we did yesterday. ...

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The final piece to our #FireballProject is the @Shaw_Barrels .17 Fireball. They build their custom rifles on the Savage 110 action. But, they don't stop there. The extra work they do on the action, etc makes it more than just your standard 110 action. We will be covering this thoroughly next month. The #17Fireball AR15 article/video will be published next week. With the Howa Mini-Action projects following a couple of weeks later.

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Rockchucks are not prolific breeders like ground squirrels. Therefore, we are always careful about how many we take out of our hunting areas. This spot held only a breeding pair and no young ones. My hunting partner and I agreed that we would pass on shooting these and leave the area alone for a couple of years so they can (hopefully) repopulate the area. Even though most people think we are blood thirsty bastards, with no regard to animal numbers, it is far from the truth. When you see us with piles of animals, it's due to hunting numerous areas that hold large numbers of varmints. This is especially true with ground squirrels, whose numbers can be astonishing and very foreign to those who have never hunted the Western USA.  Be conservative in your hunting areas and you will have enjoyable hunting every year, while keeping the population in check.

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While I was out shooting ground squirrels, I came across this weasel that was watching me. He saw me shoot some ground squirrels and kind of watched to see what was happening. After a while, he disappeared into a hole when suddenly dust came kicking out of the hole, along with a squealing and squeaking ground squirrel, being attacked by my weasel buddy. Unfortunately, the ground squirrel he was trying to kill was too big for him and he lost the fight. He then disappeared into the grass. The ground squirrel stood and watched him disappear, so I turned my gun and shot the ground squirrel. A few moments later, the weasel came out and grabbed the ground squirrel, dragging it through the grass and down into a hole. After a little while, the weasel came back out with his face covered in blood, looking at me, like he was trying to say thank you. A little bit later, I found out that I was shooting where the weasel's main hole was. So I grabbed another ground squirrel that I shot earlier and tossed it to him. He began to pull it back into his hole when he turned back, gave me a look and disappeared into the hole. It was a very cool experience!

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A good day shooting my @Shaw_Barrels .17 Fireball Rifle. Varmint hunting isn't only about blood and guts. It's warm spring mornings, vibrant colors and deep blue skies sprinkled with white fluffy clouds... and lots of targets! 😎

@burrisoptics @griffin_armament @savagearms
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Ruger 10/22 Magnum - It may look beat-up, discolored, and pieced together, all from circumstances of working outside on a ranch... But it sure can shoot! 42 hits out of 50 shots, from 20 yards to 100 yards. Most shots were in the 70-yard range. I was using the CCI VNT #22Magnum ammo.

#Ruger1022Mag #Ruger1022Magnum #22Magnum #varminthunting #groundsquirrelhunting #rockchuckhunting #rimfire #rimfirehunter
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Did you know that Quality Cartridge offers new brass for many obsolete cartridges out there? After checking GB for #225Winchester brass, I checked their site and they were more than a third less in price than the older Winchester brass on GB. They sent me a bag of #20 to compare with the Winchester brass I have. I'll include details on this once my rifle is together and I'm loading for it.

#QualCart #QualityCartridge #Model70 #varminthunting #rockchuckhunting #groundsquirrelhunting #coyotehunting

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