Berger Bullets Joins Nammo Group

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The parent company of VihtaVuori Powders and Lapua Ammunition/Reloading, recently announced the acquisition of famed bullet maker, Berger Bullets.  Berger Bullets is known for making high quality bullets for varmint hunters (among other groups).  Their bullets have been used frequently by Varminter Magazine, and we have always had great results from them on paper, as well as in the field on varmints.

The full press release follows:

Berger Bullets joins Nammo Group

Nammo is proud to announce that Berger Bullets, a global leader in the manufacturing of premium rifle bullets, has joined the Nammo Group.

For over 60 years Berger Bullets has produced the highest quality rifle bullets for varmint hunting, target shooting, game hunting and tactical use. Berger Bullets’ products have established many of the existing national and world records among the top precision oriented rifle shooting events.

Morten Brandtzæg, President and CEO of the Nammo Group says, “Having Berger Bullets on board is the perfect match for Nammo. Their products, which are complementary to our other premium brands, will strengthen our group’s strategic position in the US commercial ammunition market.” 

Berger Bullets joins an existing family of premium Nammo commercial ammunition components and ammunitions brands – SK, Vihtavuori and Lapua. The addition of Berger Bullets to Nammo unifies four brands that all share one common goal, which is producing the ultimate in precision performance.  The four brands will continue to operate as unique brands servicing precision rifle shooters, while working together to enhance their collective offerings and services.

Raimo Helasmäki, Executive Vice President of Nammo Commercial Ammunition says, “This is a very exciting proposition for Nammo to execute an opportunity to join with a company that has the same passion as we do for precision, performance and serving the needs of the rifle shooters who care most about performance.”

Eric Stecker, President of Berger Bullets said, “Supported by Nammo, Berger will continue to produce the highest quality rifle bullets in the world.  Written words fail to describe how excited we are about the future of Berger Bullets and the growth of the other premium Nammo brands within the US market.”

Berger Bullets will continue to operate as they have providing a leadership role in the sponsorship of significant shooting events for the discerning rifle shooter.  Walt Berger and Bryan Litz, along with the rest of the existing Berger team, will continue on as part of Nammo’s US growth plan going forward.

The completion of the acquisition will be subject to regulatory approvals by US governmental authorities.

VihtaVuori Powders and Lapua Ammunition/Reloading have a reputation for producing accuracy, so the acquisition of Berger Bullets is another feather in the cap of Nammo.  We look forward to seeing the future of Berger Bullets, while they grow with their new company.


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