New Bushmaster BA30 Straight Pull and New .450 Bushmaster Rifles

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Bushmaster Firearms is back!  2022 SHOT Show brought the announcement of the new Bushmaster BA30 Straight Pull and the new .450 Bushmaster rifles.  We had a chance to really check-out the BA30 during the SHOT Media Range Day and were impressed by the simplicity of this straight-pull action.  We’ve all seen the AR10 bolt-action single-shot rifles.  This is close, but with a couple of very big differences.  The first being the bolt action acting like a single-shot AR10.  After you shoot, you manually pull the bolt back to eject the spent shell and load the next cartridge.  Bushmaster has added a spring loaded bolt return, so you do no physically have to push the bolt forward to engage for the next shot.  Instead, you simply release the bolt handle and the BCG will return on its own.  Next, is the ambidextrous bolt handle (which is changing to 90 degrees).  You can easily switch the bolt to either side of the BCG for different shooting/hunting situations.  For example, if you are at the range and want the bolt on the right side, it’s an easy change.  But, if you decide to use it as a night calling rifle and want the bolt on the left side, so you can manipulate it with your the same hand you are using to run the controls on your thermal optic, it is another simple change to bring it to that side.

Some of the other Bushmaster BA30 specifications include the following:

  • Straight-Pull Action
  • Ambidextrous Bolt
  • Chambered in .308 or 6.5 Creedmoor (barrel changes to other cartridges is simple)
  • 1913 Adjustable Stock
  • Snake Charmer Muzzle Break

Remember, this AR10 platform can be customized to your exact specs.  Changing the barrel to a .22 Creedmoor for coyote hunting after the big game season is a perfect example of its versatility.

Bushmaster also announced their new .450 Bushmaster AR15 rifle.  The .450 Bushmaster cartridge has so much history, as does the original company.  Thankfully, the folks who also own Franklin Armory, have taken over and will create a new history for Bushmaster firearms and the .450 Bushmaster.

Here is the information directly from the Bushmaster website:

The 450 Bushmaster rifles have been designed to significantly reduce felt recoil and are dedicated to hunting deer, bear, and boar. Our lighter-weight rifle is an ideal choice for all hunters.


Caliber 450 Bushmaster

  • 20″ Barrel with a 1:24 Twist Rate
  • Overall length: 40″
  • 7.06 LBS w/o Magazine
  • BFI 14″ Free Float Rail
  • Salt Bath Nitride Bolt Carrier Group
  • MPI Tested Bolt
  • Snake Charmerâ„¢ Muzzle Brake 11/16 x 24
  • DM2S 2 Stage Trigger


  • Equipped with a Bushmaster 5 Round Aluminum Magazine
  • Carbine Length Gas System
  • A2 Stock
  • Optics Ready

Both rifles are set for a 2022 Quarter 2 release, so keep an eye on the Bushmaster website, or social media, for the announcements.

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