Review of the Volquartsen Semi-Auto 17WSM with Hunt Report

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Last year we published a short ground squirrel hunt report using the Volquartsen 17WSM rifle in California.  Although our initial thoughts on the rifle were positive, and we actually filmed the review portion of the video, we did not want to publish our review until we returned from a much more intensive hunt for prairie dogs in Northern Arizona.  Our time spent with the rifle in the grasslands of Arizona, really showed how this rifle’s accuracy and functionality was consistent and without issue.  This showed that my initial thoughts that were laid out at that time, were proven to be correct after the prairie dog hunt. 

The only issue I personally had with the rifle was the weight of the rifle, and the weight of the bolt in the semi-auto action.  The weight of the rifle is not an issue, because it is meant to be shot off a bench and reach out to 200, 300 and even 350 yards (we had prairie dog kills at all those ranges).  The bolt was an issue while shooting from the bench, strictly due to the weight and the gas-operated action when shooting.  Even in heavy bags, it would knock my sight picture through the scope off on the longer shots.  That meant taking a few seconds to reacquire the target for a follow-up shot, if needed.

The Volquartsen rifle is very accurate, and our groups averaged under one inch every time we shot it (we only used the 20 grain bullet offering).  It functioned well out in the field, even with the dirt and rain. 


If you are looking for a semi-auto rifle that shoots the 17WSM, there are only two companies who currently make them.  The Franklin Armory F17 series are in the AR15 platform, while the Volquartsen rifles are more of a traditional semi-auto rifle.  It is very well built, with upgrades that make it worth the cost.  Accuracy is very good, and function was without issue.  This rifle is one more option for folks who want to get into the 17WSM cartridge, or want to upgrade from a bolt-action rifle to a traditional semi-auto rifle shooting this hot caliber!


  • Stainless steel CNC-machined receiver
  • .920” stainless steel bull barrel threaded into receiver
  • TG2000 installed providing a crisp, clean 2lb trigger pull
  • Integral Picatinny rail
  • Stainless steel receiver CNC machined with integral Picatinny mount
  • Stainless steel 20” barrel threaded into the receiver
  • Magazine capacity 8-round
  • Designed for both the 20 and 25 gr 17WSM
  • Base weight shown is Classic Model with laminated sporter stock
  • 9lb 6oz

Since the release of the Classic Models in 17WSM a couple of years ago, Volquartsen has begun to offer new Lightweight versions that comes in at only 5.9 lbs!

The Volquartsen 17WSM rifles are priced from $1980 to $2460, depending on the style of the rifle.

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