Byron South Shows Us The Bullet HP Predator Caller

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The Bullet HP Caller Out in the Field

The Bullet HP Caller Out in the Field

While at the 2016 SHOT Show, I was on the look-out for anything new that would be of interest to those of us who are predator callers.  Although it was released last year, when I heard that Convergent Hunting Solutions were there showing their Bullet HP Predator Caller (Game Caller), I headed to their booth to get a first-hand look at this unique call.

The Bullet HP Calling System includes the following (explained in the video below):


The Bullet HP Caller Opened

Bullet HP:  This is the electronic game call portion of the system, and is a Bluetooth enabled caller, that runs via an app on your smart phone.  There are two, high-end, Bluetooth speakers, which give the caller a nice loud (if wanted), crisp sound.  Included within the Bullet HP is a decoy (that plugs into the top, and turns in alternate directions).  It also houses the stake, that screws into the bottom and is used to plant the caller into the ground.


The Phone Mount on an AR15 out in the Field

Phone Mount:  The phone mount holds your smart phone, and attached to the picatinny rail on your rifle.  This keeps the controls for the Bullet HP caller right at your fingertips, and gives you access to your calls, mute and volume controls, and also allows you to film your hunts with a touch of your finger.


The Convergent Hunting Solutions APP that Runs the Bullet HP Caller

Free APP:  This is the ingenious part of the system.  The app controls the sounds, the volume, and everything else you need to run the Bullet HP caller.  The app allows you to expand your sound library, directly from your phone.  Lastly, as mentioned above, it has the option to record your hunt, including a 2x and 4x zoom.  As Byron states in the video below, you can film your hunt and share it on social media within minutes (if you choose).

Carry Bag:  The carry bag functions as the carry all for the Bullet HP caller, along with the stake, decoy and other accessories.  Although the caller houses everything, the carry bag makes it handy when you are hiking out to your stand.

Click Below to Watch the Video with More Information:


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