Freedom Munitions, X-Treme Bullets, Ammo Load Worldwide and LAX Ammunition under new ownership

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Fernandez Holdings, Inc. Acquires KASH CA

Freedom Munitions, X-Treme Bullets, Ammo Load Worldwide and LAX Ammunition under new ownership

Lewiston, Idaho: Fernandez Holdings, Inc. (“FHI”) is excited to formally announce the acquisition of KASH CA, which includes the well-known brands of Freedom Munitions, Ammo Load Worldwide, X-Treme Bullets, as well as LAX Ammunition retail locations. The purchase was finalized in August 2022 in an amicable sale by the previous owner, Daniel Kash to Fernandez Holdings, Inc.

With this strategic acquisition of reputable brands possessing deep technical expertise in munitions manufacturing and machining, FHI is eager to broaden production capacity while also seeking more ways to vertically integrate across the entire manufacturing process. Since acquiring KASH CA and its affiliates, FHI has repositioned the company as Freedom Munitions, LLC (“Freedom Munitions”), which is the primary manufacture of well-known brands such as Freedom Munitions, LAX Ammunition, X-Treme Bullets, and also comprises a division responsible for designing and building ammunition manufacturing equipment known as Ammo Load Worldwide.

With this transition, the General Manager of Freedom Munitions, Toby Thill, was promoted to President of the new organization effective August 1, 2022. Thill has been with the company for 17 years, working through all aspects of ammunition development and manufacturing during his tenure. His engineering background inspires his unwavering pursuit of the highest quality products made possible by well-deigned manufacturing processes.

“It was an honor to accept this position. I can speak for all of us at Freedom Munitions in saying that we are excited about the future for all our brands. The talent and depth of experience of our staff allows us to react to supply chain surprises and overcome challenges, while consistently improving our production process, ensuring better products for our customers.” said Thill.

FHI also appointed Tadd Wooton as Chief Financial Officer of the newly-consolidated organization on August 1, 2022. Wooton was previously the CFO of Solutionz, Inc., an audio-visual systems integrator also owned by FHI, where he was responsible for all finance and accounting functions while guiding the company through growth and acquisition strategies since 2015. He has helped companies evolve and mature from the CFO seat since 2008.

“I am excited to join a team that has obvious and unlimited potential. This team is full of experts, and my goal is to develop tools and best practices that help the organization realize those talents and capabilities while making Freedom Munitions a stronger and healthier company as we grow.” said Wooton.

Under this transition, X-Treme Bullets will maintain its manufacturing operations in Carson City, Nevada with an emphasis on plated bullets. LAX Ammunition will continue to serve as Southern California’s largest ammunition retailer and firing range. Manufacturing facilities throughout Idaho will still produce high-quality ammunition and components, while constantly engineering new designs and building high-end ammunition loading equipment.

Daniel Kash now serves as a consultant for the brands, lending his expertise in ammunitions manufacturing and customer relations to further grow the businesses.

“The transition from KASH CA to Freedom Munitions has been seamless thus far. Dan Kash and I agree that this was a great move to solidify the future of this company as a premier ammunition, components, and technology manufacturer,” said Thill.


About Fernandez Holdings

Fernandez Holdings is a long-term investment firm focused on adding healthy companies to its portfolio and investing in them for the future. Fernandez Holdings companies begin as well-managed, middle-market businesses with revenues of $20 to $500 million, and then through a two-pronged approach of maintaining what has made them successful in the past and making incremental improvements for the future, the companies grow and increase in profitability.

About Freedom Munitions, LLC:

Freedom Munitions LLC manufactures ammunition, components and loading equipment though Freedom Munitions, X-Treme Bullets, LAX Ammunition and Ammo Load Worldwide. Freedom Munitions designs and produces high quality new and remanufactured ammunition. X-Treme Bullets offers a complete line of reloading materials, including plated bullets and new brass. Ammo Load Worldwide develops highly advanced loading equipment, while LAX Ammunition is Southern California’s largest ammo retailer and firing range, also offering an online store. All Freedom Munitions LLC products are made in the USA to the strictest of standards.

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