Kalibrgun Cricket Rifle Shooting with VarmintAir

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Kalibrgun Cricket Airguns have become hugely popular in the airgun community, with their compact Cricket Bullpup rifles.  What many folks don’t know, is that Kalibrgun has a full-size “hunting” rifle.  I had a great time heading up to Northern Arizona to shoot some airguns with Cliff, who owns the VarmintAir Airgun Hunting Blog.  We did some target shooting in the forest and I got to shoot his Kalibrgun Cricket full-size Rifle (.22 caliber).  We had the target set at 50 yards and I shot a handful of magazines to get a feel for a rifle, that up until now, I had only seen at the 2014 SHOT Show.  It was breezy, but the rifle still performed well, with hits on the 1″ bullseye being frequent.

The Kalibrgun Cricket full-size Rifle

The Kalibrgun Cricket full-size Rifle

What can I say that most folks don’t already know?  The Kalibrgun’s are very well-made, function smoothly and are VERY accurate.  I was impressed and can’t wait to see what is released in the future by the fine folks at Kalibrgun, including the much anticipated Hummingbird (Colibri) semi-auto bull-pup!

Some specs on the Cricket Rifle:

  • 300 BAR airtube = +/- 70 shots at 32 fpe (.22 caliber)
  • 14-shot magazine
  • Weight = 7+ pounds
  • Length = 42 inches
  • 15mm free floated barrel
  • Picatinny rail for scope mount
  • American Walnut stock with adjustable cheek piece and butt

The Video:

Head over to the VarmintAir Blog for updates, pictures, hunt/shoot videos and detailed information on the Cricket Rifle, as well as a library of other airgun, optic and pellet reviews and posts.

The Kalibrgun Cricket Rifles are available from the following airgun retailers:

Topgun Airguns:

Precision Airguns and Supplies:

The Steel Target I was shooting is the Quadrant Target from:

Kalibrgun Cricket Rifle Shooting with VarmintAir:

—  Eric Mayer

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Eric Mayer

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Eric A. Mayer is the Founder and Publisher of Varminter Magazine. Eric is a 51 year old die-hard hunter residing in Idaho, who has been hunting since age 13. He has hunted Varmints in almost every county in California, as well as in Idaho, Nevada, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Oregon, Washington, Wyoming and even parts of Canada!
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