Riton Optics Announces Completely New Line for 2020

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Here is the Press Release from Riton Optics on their new lines of optics!

At Riton Optics, we’re ringing in the new year with an entirely new line of products, and you will want ALL of them! 

In addition to enhanced features and high performance reticles, the new Riton Optics product line incorporates an intuitive buying guide. The product naming is designed to guide you through the selection process by designating two features: price and application.

Riton Optics Application Designation

The Riton Optics Application Series designates optics by their most common usage, providing you with a simple way to match your needs with the correct optic.

Primal Series

The Riton Optics Primal Series includes a full line of HUNTING optics. From lightweight riflescopes with capped, zero resettable turrets to magnesium alloy HD binoculars, the Primal Series optics are reliable for superior performance and durable to endure the toughest environments.   

Conquer Series

The Riton Optics Conquer Series is for shooters seeking ultimate precision to conquer any distance or competition. With maximum magnifications ranging from 15 to 32 power, the Conquer optics are built for PRECISION LONG DISTANCE shooting.

Tactix Series

The Riton Optics Tactix Series features red dots and low power variable riflescopes to fulfill TACTICAL applications. The Tactix Series is optimal for short range shooting and tactical weapons platforms, providing high performance, compact optics.

Riton Optics Price Designation

Beyond the application designation, Riton has also modified the product naming to include an intuitive price point designation. From the price conscious X1 level to the high performance X7 level, Riton carries the best value optics in each level, providing options at every price point to suit each consumer’s budget.

Price Designation Guide

X1 Level – $                           

X3 Level – $$

X5 Level – $$$                       

X7 Level – $$$$ 

Check them out at RitonOptics.com.

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