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$1.599 Canadian for a liter of gas. I'm averaging 12.5 miles per gallon (towing a trailer). One gallon of gas is 3.78541 liters, or about $4.89 a gallon. It adds up quickly!

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Entry into Canada was very easy and took about 15 minutes (with 5 guns)! Being prepared beforehand helped with the process. We drove through the area just North of Oosyoos and it was stunning! We also saw a really nice coyote about 30 minutes North of the border, but couldn't do anything! IG is punishing me for a comment I made, so I am being limited on what I can put up right now. I'll keep updating when I can!

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It's hard to believe, but a couple of days ago was the first time I shot my custom #22Creedmoor Howa 1500 made by AD Arms. I ran a few rounds through it for break-in and for setting my dies up properly for when I reload. I'll be going with the Sierra 64 grain Game Changers, which will be coyote killers!

Optic is the Vortex Strike Eagle 5-25x56mm.


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The .17 Hornet is all that. Little projectiles, that go really fast, are absolutely devastating on varmints of all sizes! If you don't own one, you should take a hard look at it being your next varmint cartridge! If you can still find a CZ M527 American, or Varmint rifle, buy it! It is an excellent combo!

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@David_Varminter is still smoking them today. This one was shot at 315 yards using a @SavageArms 110BA chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor.

@vortexoptics Viper PST GEN 1

@hornadymfg 143gr ELDX Projectiles (handloaded)

@magpul PRS Stock

@btindllc Atlas Bipod

@silencerco Omega Suppressor

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A really nice .223 Wylde AR15 build we just completed for a client. This rifle is very light and swings perfectly!

Lower - @foundingfathersarmory
Upper -
Handguard -
Trigger/Stock -

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@David_Varminter killed this coyote earlier today at 170 yards with an AR15 chambered in .223. He was shooting @Hornadymfg 55 grain VMax bullets, which performed perfectly!

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Picked-up some Peterson .22 Creedmoor brass today from @shootersbench here in the Boise area. Both @CacheCarlson and I will be trying it out in our rifles. We expect nothing but good results from this brass, but we will be putting it through many load/shoot/reload series! Coyotes beware!

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The WINNERS of the First Annual Calf Killers Contest!!

Everyone on this list will also receive a Varminter T-Shirt and a couple of decals! If you live in a State where I cannot ship ammo to you directly, you must get it worked out on your end and let me know where to send the ammo. However, if the State requires me to register in order to ship the ammo to your State, I will not do so and you will have to make other arrangements.

Thanks to everyone who participated! It was a blast! We will do more of these types of hunts in the near future!

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Contest Results Will Be Announced Later Today!

@CacheCarlson and I were headed into our stand, when we spotted a lone coyote in the middle of a large alfalfa pivot about 700 yards away. We got settled into our spot and Cache started the call. The coyote in the field turned towards the call and started to run, full speed, to our location! While this was happening, a small group of deer jumped up out of the thick sage and moved towards the call, jumping up to see what was happening and kicking at the brush. While waiting for coyote #1 to show up, two other coyotes came into our area, spooking the deer and circling towards my shooting lanes. Unbeknownst to me, the original coyote stopped in a spot where Cache could see the head and neck of the coyote, but he thought I might have a better shot. Within seconds, the coyote I was tracking moved further out into the thick sage, while the second coyote ran past coyote #1, who was still looking at the area of the call. Right then, Cache shot coyote #1 with his CZ M527 in .221 Fireball, dropping it. We both had our CZ .221 Fireballs at this stand and it was very cool seeing this wicked little classic round in action again!

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This Nosler Model 48 Mountain Carbon rifle in 28 Nosler is headed with me to British Columbia in a couple of weeks. My main focus will be Moose, but I have Whitetail, Mule Deer and Wolf tags as well, so there should be some good opportunities. Did you know that it was a Moose hunt in British Columbia back in 1946, that started John Nosler on the path to making a better hunting bullet? A Moose that he shot would not go down, despite a well placed shot from his 300 H&H. On the trip home, he started thinking about a better bullet design for big game, which lead to the Nosler Partition. It feels very nostalgic that 75 years later, I will be making the trek to British Columbia, shooting a Nosler rifle, with 160 grain Partition and 175 grain Accubond bullets. I topped the M48 with a Vortex Razor HD LHT 3-15x50. It is a great optic, that is very light. My complete rifle/scope combo weighs a little over 7 pounds! That will be nice to carry while walking in the woods of B.C.. It kicks like a horse, but it is very accurate and I like making my first shot count! Stay-Tuned!

@noslerinc @vortexoptics #28Nosler #moosehunting #britishcolumbia #noslerpartition #nosler

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Coyote taken at 30 yards with the .224 Valkyrie. This male came from @CacheCarlson 's extreme right and crossed right in front of us. When he got behind a bush near the call, I found the spot he should have been walking into. But, he disappeared! I pulled my head up to see if he turned and got out of Dodge! Right when I did, he started to sneak out from behind the bush he walked behind. He was hunkered down and focused on the decoy fluttering near the call. I put a 60 grain @Noslerinc Ballistic Tip through his shoulder, dropping him on the spot. It was a young, lanky coyote, which can be aggressive hunters when food is scarce.

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Called into 15 yards, where I put a @hornadymfg 123 grain HP through his back and out his chest. My 6.5 Grendel AR Pistol worked out as planned. A compact, lightweight, bigger bore, semi-auto that could be used in short range situations, as well as reaching out a few hundred yards, if needed. Next step will be to SBR this pistol and switch stocks to something that can be shouldered. I have a @meoptasportoptics Optika6 2.5-15x44 SFP scope on it for now. Excellent scope, btw!

@foundingfathersarmory @odin_works @elftactical @magpul @ergogrips
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22.8 lbs! This was a big badger! His arms were almost as big as Rocky Balboa's! Shot at 125 yards with my .224 Valkyrie, using the @FederalPremium 60 grain Nosler Ballistic Tip ammo. He never twitched!

@noslerinc @larue_tactical #224Valkyrie #badgerhunting #varminthunting #farmprotection #badger #ballistictip #AR15

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One of the many coyotes that are harassing the cows/calves on a dead cow in the pasture. He's a fatty, that's been eating very well!

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From @varminthuntersid: "Due to work schedules and other unforeseen events by those involved, we are cancelling all VHI hunts for 2021 and early 2022. We have not decided on the Fall/Winter 2022/2023 hunts, so stay-tuned."

I think we have found that, with the limited time we do have, we like hunting coyotes, more than being admins for contests. We'll see what next year brings.

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The winner of the #CalfKillersContest. TimH took 4 coyotes using his @Howa_USA Model 1500 in 22-250. He hunts with this rifle/cartridge combo a lot. Get to know your tools of the trade and hunt with them often, to get consistent results! Great job, Tim! @fangtooth204

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The #224Valkyrie strikes again! This morning, Loren spotted this coyote on one of the alfalfa fields where we were hunting the past few days. I pulled out my 224 Valkyrie AR15 and dropped him at exactly 200 yards. This was after taking one yesterday at 310 yards and the badger at 125 yards. I state this often, but those who discount the .224 Valkyrie as an excellent coyote and varmint cartridge, don't know what they are speaking about. If you use a projectile that is built for this purpose, you will not be disappointed! I was shooting the @federalpremium ammo, that is loaded with 60 grain @Nosler Ballistic Tip bullets, I purchased off Gun Broker a couple of weeks ago. More to come on this fantastic cartridge!

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Our First Calf Killers Contest is complete! We saw a lot of animals, but hunting was tough. We managed to help out the ranchers quite a bit, by removing 8 coyotes from the areas we targeted. We'll be back for more!

Totals are as follows:

4 - TimH
3 - EricM
1 - CacheC
0 - LorenL

Once I return home, I will get the drawings put together and announce the winners! Thanks for making this a lot of fun!

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Have you entered our Calf Killer Contest yet? You might want to hit the post from earlier today and get on it! Just saying! ๐Ÿ˜Ž

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Here's how it works. There are four of us hunting coyotes for desperate cattle farmers in Nevada over the next three days! ALL of us are experienced coyote killers, so don't just pick based on IG presence!

EricM - #EricM
CacheC - #CacheC
TimH - #TimH
LorenL - #LorenL

You must:
1) Follow our IG Page @VarminterMagazine
2) Post who you think will kill the most coyotes during our hunt using the hashtag name above.
3) Tag two of your friends (@) in your post.

If your choice gets the most coyotes, you will be entered in a drawing with the other folks who chose correctly.

We will be giving away shirts, decals, handcalls, ammo and some other cool prizes that cannot be mentioned here. USA folks only.

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My other #224Valkyrie built with @aero_precision upper/lower and a @larue_tactical barrel and BCG. Coupled with the Federal ammo, loaded with the Nosler 60 grain Ballistic Tips, I have a varmint killing machine! I just scoped it with one of my @burrisoptics Fullfield E1 optic 6.5x20-50mm and will be taking it to Nevada to help rid some private ranches of coyotes!

@noslerinc @federalpremium #coyotehunting #varminthunting #predatorhunting #AR15 #AR15Hunter

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It is complete (for now). This is the "Almost All Idaho Build" AR15 Pistol in 6.5 Grendel. This AR Pistol was built for one purpose, predator hunting. Coyote and Wolf, specifically. This build is not complete. We will be adding a @unique.ars custom handguard and @odin_works
collapsible stock (after Form One SBR)

Parts info:

@foundingfathersarmory -
Upper / Lower / Handguard
(Battleworn FDE Pistol Set)

@odin_works -
12" 6.5 Grendel Barrel / BCG / Adjustable Gas Block

AR9 Trigger

@magpul -
BSL Arm Brace

@hogueinc -

@meoptasportoptics -
Optika6 2.5-15x44mm SFP

#CoyoteHunting #predatorhunting #varminthunting #65Grendel #arpistol

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On the hunt for coyotes and badgers! Thermal optic, 6.5 Creedmoor AR10 and loaded 90 grain Nosler Varmageddons!

#varminthunting #coyotehunting #badgerhunting #thermalhunting #nighthunting #AR10 #65Creedmoor
@aero_precision @noslerinc

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Link in Bio!! Finally!!! We've got a new video and article on hunting cottontail rabbits with a suppressed .204 Ruger!! Check it out below and be sure to head over to our site to read the article. Lots of great info on the build and the suppressor used. Please like and subscribe!

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It's small, but it's also IG. @David_Varminter and I were still hunting this alfalfa field in some very odd fog that rolled in. As we headed back North, this coyote crossed in front of us. I got the video going, but could not lock on the focus because it was moving too quickly. David made a great off-hand shot, dropping it where it in its tracks. He was using an A,R, 1-5 (<-- seeing if that avoids the I G algo) in #204Ruger, shooting the @sierra_bullets 36 grain Prairie Enemy ammunition.

#varminthunting #coyotehunting #predatorhunting #hunting

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@cfongsports with a nice sized badger killed with the .45 caliber #Bushbuck Air Rifle! The Bushbuck shoots 365 grain lead bullets at 850fps! It thumped this guy!

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AR Pistol for predator hunting? Hmm... ๐Ÿค” Stay-Tuned! ๐Ÿ˜Ž

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