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This is a few years old, but still one of my favorites. #17Hornet

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Cottontail decoys are an excellent way to increase your harvest! *Follow Us for more great hunting tips!*

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Budget Build and first ground squirrel kill of the year for this budget AR15. The Australian Outback ammo performed very well! *Yes, that's a Pinty Scope!* 🤫

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First ground squirrels of 2021! The first one we shot got grabbed by a hawk, that was really hungry! There were a bunch out, so we'll be looking to kill more tomorrow!

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The AR15. An American Classic!

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Aussie made Lithgow Arms 17HMR!

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Another poof of feathers with the 20 Tactical! #FlyingRats

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Snow, sleet, rain and extremely gusty winds make for great photo ops, but difficult predator calling. This is a 6.5 Grendel build, using the following parts:

Upper/Lower Receiver Set: @freedomflagproducts

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The 20 Tactical drew blood today. Earlier in the day I blew-up a feral pigeon at 196 yards, on a farm where they do immense damage to the homes and out buildings. Later in the afternoon, David shot this rabbit at close to the same distance. In both cases, the reloaded 39 grain Blitzkings performed very well. This was built on a @CZusafirearms 527 action and is topped with an @arkenoptics SH-4 scope.

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Load testing from today. This is a @czusafirearms Model 527 .20 Tactical rebarreled/converted from a .204 Ruger. The wood is not factory original, but it looks much better in person and shoots as good as it looks!

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My 220 Swift is back to its 1990s configuration, sans the @Grayboe Phoenix rifle stock. It started as a Remington Model 700 Varmint Synthetic Stainless Fluted rifle. I topped it with a Leupold 6.5-20x50mm, which I had boosted to 14.5-35x50mm with a fine cross hair and an elevation turret by Premier Reticles. Back then, Leupold and Premier worked together to bring you what ever you needed in a scope. The Phoenix stock really brings out the beauty in this rifle combo. Time to work up its favorite load of IMR 4064 and 50 grain Nosler Ballistic Tips and start adding to its impressive coyote count!

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The latest and greatest 6mm, or just another in the long list of .243 rounds that try to beat the tried and true .243 Winchester? The 6mm ARC has certainly captured the attention of more than just a handful of gun writers. We aren't looking at long-range performance. Instead, we are looking too see what it does to varmints at <500 yards. It will be an interesting cartridge to vet out and kill some varmints/predators with.

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Thanks to everyone who has liked, commented and helped us grow in 2020! We will do what we can to make 2021 fun and entertaining, while still focusing on quality information. We will hit 15,000 subscribers on YouTube by tomorrow, which will trigger a giveaway that will be announced at the end of January, for when we hit 20k. As always, stay-tuned!

Special thanks to the professionals that are so instrumental in helping us put out EXCELLENT, focused, content!:

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Odin Works 22 Nosler build and a spot and stalk coyote I took with it a couple of years ago. The 22 Nosler has slowly been gaining in popularity with the predator hunting community. It really is a great cartridge.

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🤔 Twin FDE upper/lower sets. An empty canvas waiting to be transformed into a varmint hunting machine. What would you build with one of these?

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These will make for an interesting spring! The Berger 20 caliber BT Varmint 40 grain bullets are accurate and perform extremely well on colony varmints!


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The Ruger 77/17 in 17WSM. This picture was taken in 2015 while on a prairie dog hunt in the Southwest. This round is still the rimfire king!


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Who's ready for spring varmint hunting? 🙋‍♂️


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Great post by Cache Carlson!

Reposted from @boomthwap Now that Christmas is now over and I’ve seen a lot of posts, debates, between Fox Pro and Lucky Duck e-calls and what’s better, I felt that I should make a post. Both calls are top notch and will get the job done if you do your part. The guys screaming “buy American!” just need to stop and think about that for a minute. You posted on social media using a smartphone made in China, Korea or some other foreign country. Does it really matter where they are made? You’re supporting a US company or small business with either choice. My point is this, they both make a great product and their customer service is outstanding. The biggest difference is the options of which you prefer as the end user. Now stop complaining and go call some coyotes.


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Makes me wonder what the Hornady 24 grain NTX would do in the 20 Tactical! 🤔

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"...Cut my life into pieces. This is my last resort..."
#243 on a rockchuck, at a bit over 100 yards, ends his varmint marauding days!


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Shipment of 64 grain Sierra TGK projectiles (.224). @boomthwap gave me the heads-up on these being in stock, so I picked-up enough for spring/summer varmint hunting with my 22 Creedmoor and 224 Valkyrie.

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This is why you don't shoot other people's reloads.

These loaded rounds were sent with my .14 Ackley Hornet. They were loaded a little hot, with the bullet seated too far out, causing major neck cracks.
It also shows why it is a good reason to anneal die-resized/formed brass before loading. As always, be very careful when working up loads for small caliber cartridges and wear eye, ear and hand protection. 👍

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