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Idleback Shooting Chair Review with Hunt Clips

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We had a chance to test one of the Idleback Chairs from the folks over at Idleback. In this video you'll see where I traveled with it to NE California and back here to SoCal to hunt in the open fields and thick orchards for ground squirrels. I found the Idleback to be a great tool for varmint hunters who like to shoot longer distances, but still be mobile enough to change your shooting situations in just a few seconds.

Please visit us at Varminter.com for the entire written review, including pictures and links to the Idleback sites and their very informative how-to videos on YouTube.


Idleback USA:

Idleback UK:

Varminter Magazine - Full Review on the Idleback Shooting Chair:

**This video contains graphic content**

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