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Kalibrgun Airguns - New Colibri and Cricket Rifle - 2014 SHOT Show

One of the airgun companies on our list to see at the 2014 SHOT Show was Kalibrgun who are known for their Cricket Bullpup rifle. Although the recent buzz on some of the airgun forums was about their new Colibri Bullpup rifle (translated into Hummingbird), I was also impressed with their standard length Cricket rifle.

Steve, from Wild West Airguns (link below) was kind enough to show us the two rifles in the Kalibrgun booth and give us some information. I added some of my own commentary and close-up images of the Hummingbird after his portion.

(I apologize for the poor sound quality. It was very loud in the area we were recording.)

Links to more information and where to purchase:

Kalibrgun's English Site:

Wild West Airguns (Steve and Kat):

Top Gun Airguns (Peter and Irina):

Here are a couple of great write-ups by my good friend Cliff over at the VarmintAir Blog on his new KalibrGun Cricket Rifle:


I continue to promote high-quality airguns to the varmint hunting community due to their versatility in the field. If you've seen some of my past videos, you know by now that these aren't the Daisy BB guns of our youth. These rifles are well-made and seriously accurate, with shot counts per fill going higher all the time. They add new options for varminters looking to expand their hunting areas.

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