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New Predator Metalmag Airgun Pellets from Predator Int - 2014 SHOT Show

We had a chance to visit with Richard Dixon from Predator International, the makers of the extremely popular Predator Polymag Pellets. He shows us their latest release, which is the new Predator Metalmag Pellets. They have replaced the plastic tip with a zinc metal tip. This hard tip allows for better penetration on tough animals and birds where extra punch is needed to enter the vitals for a quick kill. The metal tip also pushes back into the pellet and causes expansion of the lead pellet, leaving a large wound channel for maximum damage.

***While speaking with Richard, we also discussed the Predator Polymag Pellets and I found out that they are addressing the issue of Polymags not fitting into many airgun magazines. They are now developing a Polymag short, which they are trying to achieve a workable length (maintaining accuracy), that will fit a majority of the airgun magazines out in the field. Although I resolve any fit issues by clipping the tip off my Polymag pellets before I weigh them, I look forward to a pellet that fits without any work on my part. Predator International is also looking to produce a .30 caliber Polymag for the ever growing line of airguns shooting this newer caliber.

I have some of the Metalmag Pellets and plan on testing them thoroughly at the range and also on a short hunt.

In the meantime, here are some other videos where I feature, or am using the Predator Polymags:

A Short Ranch Depredation Hunt:

Farm Pest Hunt - Benjamin Discovery & Predator Polymag Pellets:

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