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Varmint Hunting Video Clips from Varminter.com - Part One

This is Part One of a collection of varmint hunting clips that didn't make it into our other videos from this year. We are shooting various rifles at ground squirrels here in California (listed below). There are eleven shots on video, including some slow-motion shots!

We are shooting the following rifles and calibers in this video:
-- CZ Model 452 - .17 HMR (Hornady .17HMR NTX ammo)
-- Browning A-Bolt - .22 Magnum (Hornady .22 Magnum NTX ammo)
-- Savage B.MAG - .17 Winchester Super Magnum (20 grain)
-- Benjamin Marauder - .22 Caliber
-- Daystate Huntsman XL - .22 Caliber (Predator Pellets)

This video contains graphic images.

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Bass Guitar performed by Ivan.
No Ground Squirrels were injured while making this video...

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