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Egg Shoot this Saturday in Homedale, Idaho - Airgunners Now Invited

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#1 Eric Mayer

Eric Mayer


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Posted 11 June 2018 - 06:20 PM

Hey Guys!


The Homedale Gun Club is having their annual Egg Shoot this coming Saturday (June 16, 2018).


Along with Centerfire and Rimfire shoots, they have decided to include airguns this year. There are a lot of prizes and it should be a good time for all, so take a look at checking it out and participating!


Darrell from the Homedale Gun Club contacted Joe (Shooter's Bench) and myself about adding airgunners to their upcoming, Annual Egg Shoot on June 16, 2018. They are looking for participants to compete, but to also discuss future events which would include airguns at their club. While you are at the shoot, you can also discuss Homedale Gun Club Membership with Darrell and other reps from the Club.


Here is a quick rundown of the information linked above (under the Annual Egg Shoot page):


Directions to our range: approx. 2 mi. West of Marsing on Highway 55 to 55/95 junction, south approx. 5.2 mi., left side of Highway.


Date, June 16, '18. Gate open at 7:30 AM, check-in and sight-in till 9:30 AM. shooters meeting at 9:30, relay 1 begins at 10:00 A.M.


Pre-register preferred, call Darrell at 208-283-0431. Walk-ons will be taken for available spots during 1st relay to shoot after 1st relay.


Entry fee is 20.00 including lunch


Course of fire, airguns, fired at 50 yd. From bench rest, adjustable rest and rear bag allowed, no 1 piece front and rear rests.


3 banks of 5 eggs, max. 10 shots per bank, 1 shot fired at a paper egg target during bank 3 to break ties. There's a 5 minute prep and sight-in period before bank 1.


Certificates and merchandise prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.


Go check it out!



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Click below to connect with us on the web:


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#2 dangerranger



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Posted 15 June 2018 - 06:29 PM

That's a little far for me to drive, but it sounds like my kind of fun! I hope you will give us a little after action report! DR

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#3 Thwakkk



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Posted 17 June 2018 - 10:08 AM

   Eric notified a few of the local airgunners about the egg shoot and word was put out to all on the Pansal contact list. This is the first time airgunners were invited to attend. The shoot is a fund raiser and open to the public so the entry fee goes to a good cause. I thought I would see more of the local airgunners attend but only four shooters shot the airgun classification with included all forms of airguns.


   Living in Boise I had never been to the gun club but found it took about an hour to get there. Since this was my first time driving there, I often wondered if I missed something. Upon entering the clubs ranges I saw several covered shooting lines with appropriate berms and some really long range target area's that could handle the more specialized rifles and cartridges.


   I signed up online after a couple attempts to call Darrel who returned my calls shortly afterwards, He had been out setting up the area for the egg shoot and saw my phone number on his phone so called to see who I was. I met him in person at the shoot and throughout the day noted he was one of the main organizers of the event and played a big role in attempting to control the chaos of so many shooting classes. He later was the person who headed up the handling of prizes for the winners of each and at days end I'll bet he was glad to get home and get some rest.


   The temperature was moderate and comfortable in the shaded areas. One shooter told me on past events it was so hot it was uncomfortable in the shade. The location of the club is by some foothills so you can imagine wind is a factor to deal with but several of the ranges had berms on three sides and although wind flags were put out --- doping the wind was a challenge with most courses. This was especially true with the airguns class which I shot in.


   I can't say I have ever shot at eggs before but found them to be good targets that were environmentally safe and provided a "pop" sound when hit as well an explosive reaction for immediate feedback to the shooter. I also found out one can "nick" an egg allowing the insides to drain out (essentially gutting them) leaving the shell mostly intact.


   Prizes were mostly donated by local businesses and shooters and the winners of each class was drawn using tickets and they in turn could pick what they wanted.


   In short, if you live close enough to attend one of these annual shoots -- it's fun and might be a good idea to shoot several classifications.

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