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There was Ice,snow,rain,mud. Thats just hunting deer


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Prairie blaster


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Posted 29 October 2012 - 11:51 AM

At least once a year we try to do a "Tiber lake" deer trip.Thats just what we did,Sunday:
We hooked to the Hewes and headed to Tiber at 5:00 am, Light rain and cool.It's 103 miles from my house to the South bootlegger ramp. As we are heading down the big hill near Dutten on Interstate 15 before the rest stop, about half way.I looked over at my boy and said " Humm the windows just frosted up". Then the tire and road noise stopped ,what?The suburban and boat went in to a skid!!! CRAP ! I let up on the brakes which I was just lightly pressing and eased back on the gas lightly then backed off SLOW and road it out. Made it! WOW! kept going only now at just 40 mph. All ice to the turn at Ledger and then it was all ice AND slush to the gravel. The gravel was even icier. We went in to the So Bootlegger to see if we could SLIDE her in, but NO the water was only an inch deep at the ramp and the mud was to thick to pump through the jet,No go.We slopped through the mud and ice to the VFW ramp about 17 miles farther in the mud and ice, it was MUCH better and has plenty of water to the ramp. It was about 21* when we took off. To cold to put the side windows on as they shrink in the cold. Cold trip and to top it off it was solid fog on the lake. We putsed around glassing the shore for deer. We went in to all the coves and arms on the North side of the lake and up the Willow creek arm,and to the No bootlegger ramp. MAN there is a LOT of small islands popping up only a foot or two out of the water. There imposable to see in the fog till your RIGHT ON THEM. We stopped on occasion to call coyotes. The first set we did ,we where getting out guns and gear ready for the hunt and were stopped 50 yards off the shore of a good looking spot. we had the Fox pro running on a pup in distress and a male challenge call as we where messing around. YUP when we aren't ready we had 4 yes 4 dogs come in right to the shore and never got a shot... It never worked again all day. 61 miles of shore running and all we managed to dig up was maybe 12 does and 3 peanut head 2 points. I think we do the Tiber hunt to soon in the season,but it get even colder as the season goes on.
Anyway all's well that ends well.
The deer hunt goes on.
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Posted 31 October 2012 - 02:42 AM

Wonderful scenery for sure!!

RIP Russ,Blaine & Darrell!!


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