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Hill Country Game Cam Quickie – Not Much To Say Today

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Posted 21 February 2012 - 07:29 AM

There is a small group that's feeding up behind the barn. With the moon getting pretty small, they're feeding in the early evening. 178 yards from the back porch. ;-)

Just a couple more pix from the cams for the day. The bucks seem to have disappeared, but I’ve been doing a ton of work out there with the tractor and chainsaw, so I expect they’re keeping their distance until I get out of their dining room. The rest of the deer are getting pretty bold.

I watched a group of three feeding out along the edge of the woods on Sunday evening. I have to admit I found myself wishing that they were axis deer, because they’d have been a chip shot with the 30-06 from the driveway and I could really stand to have a little axis steak for dinner before I head back to CA.

There seems to be plenty for everybody.

Back where the second camera is set up, the coons and deer are Hoover-ing every grain of corn I can toss back there.

I tossed about 15 lbs. out there last night, and it was practically clean when I walked in this morning to check the cam. At least they appear to be sharing!


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